Month: May 2011

  • Lessons in Maturity: Separating knowledge from the Knower

    Lessons in Maturity: Separating knowledge from the Knower

    In 2011 I worked for a company of consultants.  One of the tasks I was given during that time was to come up with a way of handling knowledge. Knowledge comes in two main forms: implicit and explicit. Implicit knowledge is information or data or skills that people know without realising they do or, at […]

  • Lessons in Maturity: Lactose intolerance

    Lessons in Maturity: Lactose intolerance

    Here is an offbeat observation of real life imitating Scripture at a physical level: Lactose intolerance is standard as people mature unless it is removed by adverse conditions. In Northern Europe over many generations the gene that normally activates lactose intolerance was removed by natural selection due to the dependence on cow’s milk in the […]

  • Pruning Fruit Trees

    Pruning Fruit Trees

    We only have two fruit trees in our garden.  We have had both of them for going on four years now.  Neither I nor my wife would consider ourselves horticultural experts.  Indeed about the only things I know about looking after fruit trees I learnt from reading passages in the bible.  Particularly John 15. So […]

  • John’s Wonderful Gospel

    John’s Wonderful Gospel

    “In the beginning was the Word….” So starts the sublimest of the Scriptures.  For me there is no greater writing than the Apostle John’s in all of the Scriptures.  In this Gospel he explains the deepest of truths in the simplest of terms. The first 12 chapters of John’s gospel consists of a series of […]