Month: May 2012

  • On Eagle’s Wings

    On Eagle’s Wings

    Dr. Loye Miller (1918) published the following account, as given to him by one of his students: Last summer while my father and I were extracting honey at the apiary about a mile southeast of Thacher School, Ojai, California, we noticed a golden eagle teaching its young one to fly. It was about ten o’clock. […]

  • Changing God’s mind

    Changing God’s mind

    From Acts 27 it is clear that you should always listen to someone who is in communion with God. But even if you don’t God can still be merciful if that godly man (or woman) intercedes on your behalf.  This passage is one of the few in Scripture which shows an example of a man […]

  • Abraham and Isaac

    Abraham and Isaac

    The post below is an attempt to imagine what both Abraham and Isaac were thinking as they went through the ordeal described in Genesis 22.  I also bring out the similarities between the story and that of the death of Jesus Christ at the hands of His Father. It was a very long trudge up […]

  • Disciples, Saints and Overcomers

    Disciples, Saints and Overcomers

    Disciples is the term used in the four gospels and Acts, Saints is the term used in the letters and Overcomers is the term used in Revelation (chapters 2 & 3).  And I believe they all refer to the same thing – they mean Christians who are loving the Lord their God with all their […]

  • Three ways of looking at anything

    Three ways of looking at anything

    Paul went into the third heaven (2 Cor. 12:2) and there are a number of other indicators in the Scriptures that there are three heavens as of now. The first one is the one we can see, the universe outside this earth that extends to 15 billion light years or so it seems. We don’t […]