Month: November 2014

  • He who Overcomes, Part 5: First Love

    He who Overcomes, Part 5: First Love

    One of the most wonderful things about coming to God again and again (i.e. being an overcomer) is experiencing His presence.  Being in love with God is a wonderful thing.  There is nothing as fulfilling, nothing as satisfying to your mind, soul and spirit as being in experiential communion with the Father, in Christ and […]

  • The Power of Satire

    The Power of Satire

    Satirical writings are part of most people’s lives these days whether they appreciate it or not.  One of my favourite examples is The Onion’s on the connection between Facebook and the CIA: What makes this and other good satire work is that it can take a while to know that it is satire (or a spoof if […]