Month: November 2017

  • Scarlet Yarn

    Scarlet Yarn

    There was a lot of Old Testament ritual going on around the time of Jesus’ death on the cross.  One of these rituals was that of the Red Heifer found in Numbers 19.  There is a man involved in that ritual who was neither a priest nor a Levite but who yet had a very […]

  • Leviticus! The Totality of His Forgiveness

    Leviticus! The Totality of His Forgiveness

    Jesus’ death on the cross changed the ground rules of what it means to sin forever.  Before His death the Law reigned and sin produced spiritual death through the knowledge of the Law (read Paul’s letter to the Romans chapters 6-8).  This started when a commandment was given to Adam and Eve which they broke […]

  • Leviticus! The Greatest Challenge

    Leviticus! The Greatest Challenge

    Willful Sin after you are born again is not covered by the Sacrifice of Jesus! If you have read the Letter to the Hebrews you will have come across some very hard passages.  After having explained at length the removal of the need for animal sacrifices by the one great sacrifice of Jesus (Hebrews 7:26 […]