Month: June 2018

  • I can of myself do nothing

    I can of myself do nothing

    The Netflix series “The Crown” is in season 2 now.  I have got as far as the end of episode 6 of season 1.  I like it since in general it seems to be historically true though with the usual dramatic license taken here and there to emphasize or dramatize an aspect of the truth. […]

  • Communion with God

    Communion with God

    Communion with God is intimacy with your creator. The wonderful privilege of everyone who has been born again is the possibility of ongoing communion with the Creator of the universe. As creatures we were made to be vessels carrying a treasure (2 Cor. 4:7).  That treasure is the Holy Spirit.  Intimacy with God is being […]

  • Pathetic Fallacy

    Pathetic Fallacy

    Back when I was doing my Leaving Cert English course Shakespeare’s King Lear was on the curriculum.  I’m not sure was it my teacher at the time or a textbook but one of the phrases used was “pathetic fallacy”.  It referred to Shakespeare’s use of the weather in the play to reflect the action on […]

  • Disciples, Saints and Overcomers

    Disciples, Saints and Overcomers

    In an earlier post, I wrote that God’s eternal destiny for you is communion with Him and fellowship with the church.  Communion and fellowship starts from when you are born from above (John 3:8) and continues for eternity.  Evangelism, by contrast, just lasts for this life.  After God ushers in the new heaven and earth […]

  • Evangelism, Communion and Fellowship

    Evangelism, Communion and Fellowship

    The church I go to and love, Open Arms, has a motto based on Jesus’ summary of the Law & Prophets: “Connecting people to people and connecting people to God.” Jesus spelt out the way of connecting people to God when He told Nicodemus that “You must be born again”.  You can find an account of […]