2038 AD 

“You did what?!!!”

Rupert tried to defend himself again but he really didn’t have a leg to stand on.  Not literally, but he was genuinely concerned that he might end up that way.  He remembered how he had taken the legs off -literally – another man some years back.  That was when he was taking the position he had now from his predecessor.  Or rather, the position he used to have.

Now there was another man sitting in the seat he used to issue his world changing orders from, extracting a nation’s taxes here, lowering an expensive stock there.  The man seemed ordinary enough.  There was a strange glow about him but other than that he could have been any of the significant, charismatic men Rupert had often made kneel before him.  Presidents, world leaders and shakers, they had all been there at one time or another.  He hadn’t a clue who this man was though and he thought he knew them all.

“I am Timothy, servant of the Living God and you need to account for your actions.” said Timothy.

What was strange about Timothy was that he should have been dead several times over.  No one could survive that many bullets and live.  But not only was Timothy living but he was also completely unscathed.  When he had come through all the security he didn’t even seem to notice the bullets and simply asked the guards to move to one side.  When one of them didn’t he just kept walking as if he wasn’t there.  Rupert also thought there was no way he could enter his fortified room either but there he was.

Rupert was a bit lost for words which wasn’t like him.  He also hated the way Timothy called him by the name his God forsaken mother had given him and put on his birth cert.  He much preferred being called by the name that arose fear in anyone that had anything to do with him over the last few years: Lucifer.  Admittedly the name had been borrowed from a well known character in an old book (and some more modern films) but he still preferred it to Rupert.  Somehow, though, Lucifer didn’t seem to carry the menace it used to.

Rupert had noticed the difference on the day the trumpet stopped blaring.  Before then he had felt energised, filled with power and able to take on the world.  Afterwards he literally felt deflated.  So somehow what was happening now didn’t seem so unexpected.

He tried again to defend his actions.  However, as he stood there looking back over his life he could only see the amount of people he had killed, destroyed and racked with pain.  The ones he had defrauded, the poor who he had been the means of ransacking, the millions who had suffered because of what he had done.  There in his nakedness nothing good seemed to come.

He remembered back to the day someone obscure had tried to tell him about the Christian gospel.  He was young then and mostly innocent enough.  But he had dismissed it for the fairy tale he and all his peers had believed it to be.  And anyway he was bright and knew how to make money and was, even then, able to win over the rich and famous.  His father, after all, was the main man ruling the Fed at the time.

Timothy broke the silence.  “OK, I’ll tell you then.”  And he went on to list a catalogue of very specific and heinous crimes.  Rupert felt strangely proud as he listened to the list.  It was quite impressive, he thought.

Seeing that he was unrepentant, Timothy let the police take him away.  He would go through the justice system and receive justice instead of mercy or grace.  Timothy felt a bit sad at the thought.

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