End of Millennium

3034 AD 

Martin looked up at Florence and was immediately dazzled by her beauty.  It was both exceedingly bright and deeply resonant in his soul as only an immortal’s beauty could be.  Florence had spent the last 997 years in a state of worship, seemingly doing nothing all day and night long except stand transfixed in the presence of God.  She had been singing and dancing, yes, and sometimes Martin had gone into the worship palace to watch her and the others do amazing things – like figure skaters only more so – but generally he was too busy saving the world to spend as much time there as he would have liked.

Anyway, here she was out in the field so to speak.  Martin found himself wondering what she had been doing all this time that she was only finding her way out here now for the first time?

It was a strange thought, he never had questioned her, or any immortal’s, path before.

Florence saw the puzzled look on his face and knew what was going on.

“He has been released.” she said.

This was a non-sequitur in Martin’s mind, he hadn’t a clue where she was coming from.  Again he had some strange thoughts: “All that time doing nothing has made her mad.” “You can see that she is out of touch with the real world”.

Martin couldn’t remember thinking such negative thoughts about an immortal for almost a thousand years.  Now he was really wondering what was going on.

“He has been released.” Florence reiterated. “Just as the book said he would be.”



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