The Trumpet

2037 AD The trumpet had been blaring for almost 3 days now.  It seemed to be getting louder.  Most people hadn’t a clue what it was.  The most commonly reported explanation was that it was an atmospheric distortion caused by the massive nuclear explosion that had wiped out Jerusalem just before it started.  The earthquake that had followed the explosion had split the mount of Olives in two.  Some scientists thought that that had set off a chain reaction that had led to the noise everyone now was trying to avoid.

Or at least nearly everyone.  Martin and Jillian were going around encouraging all those that knew them to continue to look up.  They were expectant as were some others.

It was a curious noise, this trumpet sound.  Different people seemed to experience it in different ways.  Most people’s reaction was terror.  A lot of people were going around with headphones on.  The most noise reducing ones were sold out on Amazon and everywhere else by now.  Some people hadn’t left their rooms since the noise started.  There was a lot of fear around.  There was a rumour the world was going to disintegrate or blow up.

For some though the noise was exhilarating. Martin and others like him were convinced that the noise was the last trumpet that Paul spoke about in the bible.  To tell the truth it was hard to stand while listening to it.  His flesh quaked to put it in archaic but somehow appropriate terms.  It was not quite music but it had the same effect of resounding through his soul and arousing all sorts of emotions.  The sound was primal, creative, destructive and renewing at the same time.

The more he listened to it the more he felt ready for the translation he felt sure was coming.  He was going to shake off this mortal coil and put on immortality – he felt sure of it.  It seemed his wife was feeling as expectant as he was.  They both continued to look up.

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