2037-3036 AD

Florence had always loved spending time in prayer.  She had had a space in the house that she had shared which was her own trysting place. In it she would pour out her heart and wrestle with God or simply nestle in her Father’s arms.  And that was all before she had been raptured!  Now it was rapture indeed to pray.

What she had seem dimly in her mortal body, she saw and enjoyed fully in her immortal one.  Before when she closed her eyes it had seemed like imagination played the greatest role.  Now she didn’t have to use that function, in her new state she was literally there before the throne of God standing on the Sea.

Jesus had been the first man in a new body to be there and he had waited over 2000 years for others to join Him in quite that way.  Until the rapture many had been there in the spirit but no one else in the flesh.  Now the new flesh of the immortal bodies had the capability to be there and Florence preferred that place to being on the earth.

Thankfully for Florence and others like her there was a place on the earth where the two combined, Jerusalem.  Or more specifically, the worship palace in Jerusalem.

When Jerusalem had been destroyed by the nuclear bomb and the Mt. of Olives had divided in two, an upwelling of water like a giant fountain had sprung up between the two halves.  The river that resulted flowed out into the Jordan river and brought life to the Dead Sea and the surrounding area.

To get to the worship palace you had to enter into the middle of the upwelling/ fountain.  Only immortals could do that.

The fountain was a portal into the third heaven.

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