Month: April 2019

  • Conduits and Channels

    Conduits and Channels

    I was watching a film on Netflix recently called “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind.” It tells the true story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba who built a wind turbine to save his Malawian village from famine. From a combination of corporate exploitation and greed, Government corruption and a failed rainy season, the people of William’s […]

  • Greater Things

    Greater Things

    Paul said to some members of the church at Corinth that in effect “some of you are boasting as if you had power when you do not. The Kingdom of God is not in word but in power.” (1 Cor. 4:18-20). It should be a matter of concern to us that our churches are so […]

  • Thoughts on Healing: Elisha

    Thoughts on Healing: Elisha

    The middle of the night is a good time to hear things it seems. I woke up this morning remembering Elisha’s incident with the women of Shunem: One day Elisha went to the town of Shunem. A wealthy woman lived there, and she urged him to come to her home for a meal. After that, […]

  • Blessed is the One Psalm 1

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon says Psalm 1: “..may be looked upon … as the text upon which the whole of the Psalms makes up a divine sermon.” The Treasury of David Vol. 1, Psalms 1-57 by C. H. Spurgeon available at Because it is such an important Psalm it is worth learning off by heart. […]