Month: March 2020

  • Thoughts on Communion: Healing

    Thoughts on Communion: Healing

    Many of us have, at some distinct point in the past, known a time when we realised that Jesus died on the Cross for us personally. For me it was a life changing experience. We usually associate that experience, if we have had it, with a sense of relief that comes from forgiveness of sins. […]

  • Dream – Lessons in Creativity from the Creator

    Dream – Lessons in Creativity from the Creator

    Originally posted on faithfulwon:
    Knock, knock, knock!  I had heard that sharp sound before in middle of the night, and it had woken me up before, on at least two occasions.  The last two times I initially thought it was someone knocking on the door downstairs but then realised it had just been a dream,…

  • Grace


    God has done wonderful things for us as a family over the last many years. One of them was to give us the names of our children from the time of conception. Our youngest was given the names Bethany Grace Joy and Grace is the one that she uses everyday. It is Grace’s birthday today. […]

  • Loving the Greek…..

    Loving the Greek…..

    Originally posted on faithfulwon:
    The New Testament was originally written in Greek since that was the “English” or “lingua Franca” of the the first century.  So I thought it would be a good idea to learn the NT or Koine Greek some years ago.  I must admit though that the vast range of English translations…