Month: November 2020

  • A Rising Tide

    A Rising Tide

    I have felt encouraged by a number of words recently from various sources that are indicating that the Lord is moving, or about to move (depending on where you are) in a new way. This has been referred to as the “Third Wave” by some (e.g. by Sean Booth) and is foretold in a 1947 […]

  • More Distractions

    More Distractions

    Yesterday I was sent the same video by two friends. In the video a woman with a self confessed ignorance of the subject pointed out, in bordering on hysterical tones, that the ingredients in the Astra Seneca vaccine being developed in the UK included some that she found objectionable. The reason for her objection to […]

  • Appearing in Court

    Appearing in Court

    Over the last 30 years or so I have been in court many times. I have appeared as an expert witness in many murder, drugs and terrorist cases including in the UK Crown Courts north of the border. Even as I write this I am engaged in a major murder trial which involves months of […]

  • Misinterpreting the Times

    Misinterpreting the Times

    The Scripture is quite clear that God is in control no matter how things may look. No where was it less obvious that God was in control than when the Babylonian army were laying siege to Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s time. But yet He was and Jeremiah knew it. Very few others believed him.

  • Fine Dust in the Balance

    Fine Dust in the Balance

    If like me you have been distracted by an election in a country far away then I hope, like me, that you will be encouraged by the Lord’s view of nations: Behold, the nationsĀ areĀ as a drop in a bucket,And are counted as the small dust on the scales;Look, He lifts up the isles as a […]

  • The US Election

    The US Election

    In 3 days the world will know the result of the US election. This is an election like no other in a year like no other. Many are praying that there will be a very clear outcome, one way or the other, to reduce the risk of social upheaval. I have some people asking me […]