I was born again on the back of a bus on the way from Mullingar to Galway in Ireland on May 7th 1980.  That was after 18 months of questioning and 6 months of prayer by friends of mine.  The reason I knew something significant had happened is that the Bible, which until then had been a most boring and unreadable book, became something through which God started speaking to me in a very real way.  The words seemed to jump from the page.  That was not to say the Bible had changed but the barrier between me and God was now out of the way because of faith in Christ’s death and resurrection and the Holy Spirit was free to talk to me.  He has been doing that ever since.

Over 30 years later and I’m now married to a godly woman for 20 years and we have been gifted with three lovely children.  We attend a living and growing church (www.openarms.ie) where God continues to speak to us.  We serve and are served and things are about as healthy as they should be in a local church as far as I can judge those things.

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  1. Ah, here, come on … why aren’t you working for OA! We need lots of info displayed on all that is on offer to those who are searching through websites looking for hope! We need to talk!

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