Heart motivations: The place where Jesus is.

In John’s wonderful account of Jesus’ life we get introduced to Him on earth by John the Baptist (John 1:35-39). John saw something in Him that made him totally un-phased when two of his disciples left him and followed Jesus.

Jesus turned around and saw them following and said: “What are you searching for?”

It’s a good question. What are you really searching for? Blessed is the person who the Lord enlightens enough to be really honest about that!

The two disciples of John – wannabe disciples of Jesus – gave the right answer: “Teacher – where are you abiding?”

That’s the right answer because that is by far the best thing you could ever want – to be at home with Jesus, abiding where He is abiding, under the shadow of His wing, in rest in Him.

Typically of John, he doesn’t complicate things. Jesus’ simply says to anyone who wants to find out where He is at rest: “Come and you will see.”

We would do well to come and see and stay with Jesus at the place where He shows us He is abiding.


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