On Being a Disciple (cont.)

To say God inspired John’s gospel doesn’t do it justice.  God took over John, possessed him and spoke through him with pretty well no impediment.  Huge chunks of it are reported speech, the words Jesus spoke faithfully and accurately recorded in extraordinary detail.  In John’s gospel we are given insight into the inner workings of Jesus’ mind and heart.  His total submission to the Father comes through everywhere.

You might be thinking that surely we are not the same as Jesus, the Son of God, member of the Triune God.  And of course you would be right.  However that is not the same as saying we are not called to have the same approach and heart as Jesus has.  The wonderful beauty of this kind of relationship with God is that it is impossible without experiencing the same kind of love and intimacy with His Father that Jesus experienced.

To go the way of a disciple of Jesus you need to be romantic.  You need to be head over heels in love with God, fanatical, call it what you will.  It is something all the best movies have, the idea of self sacrifice because of love.

Don’t be afraid, little children, your Father in heaven loves you.  Let Him be intimate with you and show you the radical, adventurous things He would have you do to bless others.


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