Not in your control

When you were born you had no choice about it nor anything connected with it.  Your parents were not your choice.  Your skin colour, the colour of your eyes and hair, what kind of body frame you have have nothing to do with your free will.  When you were born and where were not your choice.  Most of the significant events of your early childhood were also outside your control.  You probably didn’t have any say in the kindergarten you went to nor your primary school and probably not even your secondary school.  Your relatives were not your choice.  Where you lived growing up and the places you moved to were also probably not your choice.  Whether your parents stayed together or divorced was also outside your control.

Likewise when you die what will happen to you will be completely outside your control.  You cannot prevent the dissolution of your body, soul and spirit into the dust and soul state that is coming at your death.  Whether, and how, you are resurrected is also totally outside your control.  What happens after you are resurrected is…… actually, according to the bible, you can have a say in that.

Jesus said: “Make peace with your adversary while you are on the way to the judge lest, when you arrive there, the judge throws you into jail.  You won’t get out until you have paid the last penny.”  (Matt. 5:25; Luke 12:58, 59).  He also says: “Do not fear those who, after they have destroyed your body, have nothing else they can do to you.  Fear Him, who after you have been destroyed can cast both your body and soul into Hell.  Yes, I tell you, fear Him!” (Matt. 10:28; Luke 12:4,5).

Make peace with God through Jesus Christ by believing in His death for your failures on the cross.  He paid the price so you don’t have to (2 Cor. 5:21).  When you believe He will give you assurance in your heart that He loves you (Eph. 1:13, 14; 2 Cor. 1:22).

He will then take care of your body, soul and spirit on that day when you will have no control over your final destiny: the day after your death.

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