Testing Faith

According to Peter, one of the reasons we go through difficulties is to strengthen our faith (1 Peter 1:6-9).  We all go through them.  Relative to the difficulties we can read about that our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq endure, our difficulties can seem minor in comparison.

However whether it is saying you will not deny Christ when faced with a beheading, or a determination to continue to praise God through a cold, the principle is the same:  God hasn’t changed and His love for us poured out on the Cross can’t be undone.

We ought to praise Him anyway.

And give thanks to the Holy Spirit living within us when we can, no matter what.

I have found that, if I let Him, the Holy Spirit will always praise God no matter how I feel.  The work of faith is to cooperate with Him and let the vessel He is in resound with that praise.  No matter what.


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