Learning Scripture

One of the things that has blessed me most over the years is memorising Scripture. My latest adventure in this area is described here.

The main thing that blesses me is the time I spend hearing God and being in His presence as a result. His inward dealings go deeper as we ingest and meditate on Scripture and let it flow out of us again as rivers of living water (John 7: 37-39).

There is a technique for memorising that I learnt in secondary school which I highly recommend. If you search the Internet you will find versions of it but here is my take:

Learn a verse a day. You can learn the whole New Testament in about 20 years that way. I would recommend a good literal translation like the NAS.

  1. Start by reading it out loud 10 times.
  2. Test yourself to see if you know it.
  3. Write it down without looking at it. Check what you have written against the verse and correct any mistakes.
  4. 5 minutes later go over it again, write it down and correct it.
  5. An hour later do the same.
  6. A day later do the same
  7. A week later do the same.
  8. A month later
  9. and a year later.

Then you will have it for life. I find a page a day A5 desk diary the best way of doing this.


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