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  • Physical Realities

    Physical Realities

    Methusalech was afraid. This was his normal emotion every time King Hezekiah called him in for a progress report on the tunnel. It was not that the King made him feel that way, it was just that he seemed to be continually bringing him bad news. The King understood the difficulty of what he had […]

  • Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Vision

    Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Vision

    My friend Rory has written this fuller description of the word we believe God is giving to the church at this time through the Hezekiah’s Tunnel dreams and revelations. We are in a spiritual war which has influence preventing the church of God, Body of Christ, on an individual and corporate level, from accomplishing Gods […]

  • Conduits and Channels

    Conduits and Channels

    I was watching a film on Netflix recently called “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind.” It tells the true story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba who built a wind turbine to save his Malawian village from famine. From a combination of corporate exploitation and greed, Government corruption and a failed rainy season, the people of William’s […]

  • The Gently Flowing Waters of Siloam

    The Gently Flowing Waters of Siloam

    Isaiah compares the governance and work of the Lord in Jerusalem to the gently flowing waters of Shiloah in Isaiah 8.  Shiloah is generally recognised as being the same word that is translated Siloam or “Sent” in John 9. It is the place Jesus sent the man blind from birth to wash and come back […]