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  • Disputable Matters

    Disputable Matters

    Olive and I are following Nicky Gumbel’s excellent Bible in One Year reading plan. This morning’s NT reading was Romans 14. When it comes to disputable (but important) matters there is no better guidance than that given in this chapter about how Christians should deal with them. Paul takes two important topics (vegetarianism and holy […]

  • Manna!


    Of all the things that a Christian needs to do once they are born again, nothing is more important than that they eat and drink spiritually. Just like eating food is critical for our bodily life so eating the word of God is crucial for our spiritual life. If we don’t eat spiritually we will […]

  • Being Reasonable

    Being Reasonable

    The following is taken from C.S. Lewis’ essay called “Why I am not a pacifist” written in 1940 and found now in a book called “Compelling Reason” published by Harper Collins in 1996. “….. Reason – by which I do not mean some separate faculty but ……, the whole man judging, …… about truth and […]

  • Communion


    Few Christian doctrines have caused as much trouble and confusion down the centuries as has the doctrine of communion. On the one side you have those who take a very literal interpretation of the words of Jesus when He said: “This is My body” and on the other you have those that take an allegorical […]

  • Be Quiet!

    Be Quiet!

    Proverbs is one of the Bible’s Wisdom books along with Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs.  One of its major themes is the consequences of actions and words.  According to the bible, discipline in what we speak, how we manage what goes into our bodies and what we do with our time all matter […]

  • Liberals and Conservatives

    Liberals and Conservatives

    Mankind just loves to put people into categories. Once we do that we can then begin to take a position.  Once we take a position, the other position is wrong. We love to fight and argue and we need positions to argue from. There are many ways of creating categories but one of the most […]

  • He who believes in Me

    He who believes in Me

    “If anyone thirsts let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me in the way Scripture says, out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” These are the words of Jesus quoted in  John 7:37, 38. I love the way the Old Testament foreshadows this in unexpected ways: The […]

  • Working with Integrity

    Working with Integrity

    Can you be trusted? A man of integrity engenders trust among those he works for, with and to. His bosses trust him to deliver and let him get on with it. The manager doesn’t have to continually look over his shoulder and call him to account for he knows that he will do a good […]

  • The Difference between Pardon and Forgiveness

    The Difference between Pardon and Forgiveness

    Jesus words on forgiveness are stark:  Unless you forgive others you cannot be forgiven.  He makes that very clear in the Lord’s prayer (Matt. 6:15), in the parable of the indebted servant in Matthew 18:21-35 and elsewhere. However forgiveness and pardon are not the same thing.  To pardon someone is to let them off, to […]

  • Spoken Word: Psalm 91

    Spoken Word: Psalm 91

    This is a most remarkable psalm.  It seems impossible but as I look back over my life and my family’s this has certainly been true. I recorded this on my PC reading from the New Living Translation.  There is faith building power in the heart of the listener when the Scripture is read aloud with […]