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  • Understatement


    Moses does a neat job in understatement in Genesis 1. You could choose any aspect of creation to come up with astonishing fecundity of imagination but let’s just take the plants as an example, or more specifically the flowers of plants. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon at Russborough House. Well worth a […]

  • Seeds and Trees

    Seeds and Trees

    Of all the things a man may see, few are as beautiful as a tree.  It is an astonishing creation. First of all there is the seed.  A seed of a birch tree contains the program to grow a birch tree, an acorn contains the program to grow an oak, a beech nut to grow […]

  • The sower sows the word

    The sower sows the word

    Luke 8:11 explains that when the Scripture talks about seed it  is referring to the word of God.  Its one of those key verses like Rev. 1:20 which explains an object picture that God uses to describe something spiritual. The parable of the sower in Matthew 13, Mark 4 and Luke 8 is an important […]