Lessons in Maturity: Separating knowledge from the Knower

I work for a company of consultants and one of the tasks I have been given is to come up with a way of handling knowledge. In my research I came across this paper. Its a typical Ph. D. paper with loads of big words, months of research and lots of references. But basically it says you can’t separate knowledge out from the knower or the seeker and make it useful for anyone who is a senior consultant (mature if you like). The senior consultant will always need to talk to the knowledge originator to get the things (help, implicit knowledge, advice, experience, contacts, etc.) that only a conversation or interaction with the person will provide. The extracted knowledge only has limited use and that only for those who are inexperienced or new to the company.  Likewise reading the Bible on its own without meeting its author is of limited use and can be quite frustrating.

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