Abraham and Isa…

The blog below is based on imagining what Abraham, Isaac and God were thinking during the working out of that astonishing command from God to Abraham that he should sacrifice his son (Genesis 22, cf. Hebrews 11:17-19).


Abraham and Isaac: Father and Son

It was a very long trudge up Mt. Moriah as Abraham went to sacrifice his son to his God.  He was thinking about it as he went along.  He knew that it was a common enough thing among the gods of the people’s around him for them to ask for such sacrifices.  But somehow he had hoped it would be different with his One.  And then there was the confusing thing about that promise that through Isaac all his descendants would be named.  If there was one thing certain about the God Abraham served, it was that He kept His promises. “I bet you He is going to raise Isaac from the dead!” thought Abraham to himself.  That encouraged him a bit…. until he thought again about raising that knife….

ImageTrudging along with Isaac beside him.  How was he going to explain this to…

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