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    “If we emphasize faith does that mean we can forget about the law?”  Paul asks at the end of Romans 3. And then he answers himself:  “Of course not!  In fact, only when we have faith do we truly fulfill the law.” It seems to me that the first 4 chapters of Romans are primarily…

  • Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Part 1)

    Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Part 1)

    A couple of blogs back I wrote about the conflation there is in our terminology when referring to the Word of God.  Jesus Christ is the Spirit behind the words, the Power in them and the Way, the Truth and the Life of them.  The words on the pages of the Bible without His presence…

  • Abraham and Isaac

    Abraham and Isaac

    The post below is an attempt to imagine what both Abraham and Isaac were thinking as they went through the ordeal described in Genesis 22.  I also bring out the similarities between the story and that of the death of Jesus Christ at the hands of His Father. It was a very long trudge up…