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  • A Revelation of Love

    A Revelation of Love

    God is Love. 1 John 4:8,16 Love believes all things. 1 Cor. 13:7 The Cross is the ultimate proof that God is love. If you have had the experience of being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, one of the first things He does is convince us that the reason Jesus went to […]

  • On being asked to speak

    On being asked to speak

    The last time I got asked to speak it turned out that the only reason I was asked was because I had given the recipients enough money to buy food for the congregation. When I asked them if they would have come if there was no food the answer was a simple “no”. Apart from […]

  • Romans 7 and 8: The Reality of the Christian Walk

    Romans 7 and 8: The Reality of the Christian Walk

    Some years ago I put myself under a form of holiness teaching that said, among other things, that a Spirit-filled, born again Christian had moved beyond Romans 7 to Romans 8, i.e. the experience of Paul in Romans 7 no longer applied. This is patent nonsense to anyone who is in any way alive but […]

  • A Problem with the Roman Catholic Church

    A Problem with the Roman Catholic Church

    If, as I do, you call yourself a Christian, it can be very hard to see the leaders of another institution that calls itself Christian behave in very unchristian ways.  That is the dilemma faced by anyone who has watched the self-serving and defensive approach of the Roman Catholic church world wide over the last […]

  • Dream – Lessons in Creativity from the Creator

    Dream – Lessons in Creativity from the Creator

    Originally posted on faithfulwon:
    Knock, knock, knock!  I had heard that sharp sound before in middle of the night, and it had woken me up before, on at least two occasions.  The last two times I initially thought it was someone knocking on the door downstairs but then realised it had just been a dream,…

  • Taking Offence

    Taking Offence

    It is very easy to find fault with people and organisations. Last night at Open Arms “Heart & Soul” meeting, Sean Booth spoke the word of the Lord to us.  I took the following notes in mind-map format. The word that struck me most was “Be Honouring”.  I noted that that includes honouring those who […]

  • Pathetic Fallacy

    Pathetic Fallacy

    Back when I was doing my Leaving Cert English course Shakespeare’s King Lear was on the curriculum.  I’m not sure was it my teacher at the time or a textbook but one of the phrases used was “pathetic fallacy”.  It referred to Shakespeare’s use of the weather in the play to reflect the action on […]

  • Fruit


    We have two fruit trees in our back garden, a plum and a pear tree.  Both have produced an abundant crop this  year, a crop unlike any of the other 8-10 years they have been planted. For me the plum tree represents spiritual fruit and the pear tree financial fruit.  Don’t ask me why, I […]

  • Possibly Impossible

    Possibly Impossible

    There are a lot of tensions in Scripture: Predestination v. Free Will Deity and Humanity of Christ Old and New Testaments Law v. Grace Holiness v. Grace etc. We’ve only been to a few churches and we have usually spent a long time at each.  The last church I attended for 18 years and my […]

  • Resting in God’s Protection

    Resting in God’s Protection

    The Psalms have several recurrent themes. One of them is that God’s protection is around those who trust in Him (see for example Psalm 125:2). I have found that trust is an active thing on my part – I have to actively trust God by committing things to Him, praying to Him, spending time with […]