Category: Prophetic Writings

  • Star Gazing

    Star Gazing

    I find the science behind the Star of Bethlehem fascinating. I have always loved astronomy and Psalms 8 and 19 are among my favourites. The heavens declare the glory of God in more ways than one. If, like me, your faith is not a blind one but uses the reason that God has given us…

  • Misinterpreting the Times

    Misinterpreting the Times

    The Scripture is quite clear that God is in control no matter how things may look. No where was it less obvious that God was in control than when the Babylonian army were laying siege to Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s time. But yet He was and Jeremiah knew it. Very few others believed him.

  • Fine Dust in the Balance

    Fine Dust in the Balance

    If like me you have been distracted by an election in a country far away then I hope, like me, that you will be encouraged by the Lord’s view of nations: Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket,And are counted as the small dust on the scales;Look, He lifts up the isles as a…

  • Pathetic Fallacy

    Pathetic Fallacy

    Back when I was doing my Leaving Cert English course Shakespeare’s King Lear was on the curriculum.  I’m not sure was it my teacher at the time or a textbook but one of the phrases used was “pathetic fallacy”.  It referred to Shakespeare’s use of the weather in the play to reflect the action on…

  • Scarlet Yarn

    Scarlet Yarn

    There was a lot of Old Testament ritual going on around the time of Jesus’ death on the cross.  One of these rituals was that of the Red Heifer found in Numbers 19.  There is a man involved in that ritual who was neither a priest nor a Levite but who yet had a very…

  • Fruit


    We have two fruit trees in our back garden, a plum and a pear tree.  Both have produced an abundant crop this  year, a crop unlike any of the other 8-10 years they have been planted. For me the plum tree represents spiritual fruit and the pear tree financial fruit.  Don’t ask me why, I…

  • Magi, Empires and Prophets

    Magi, Empires and Prophets

    When Herod was king of Judea, there were two great empires that disputed the ownership of his land. On the one side were the Romans who had conquered it some years earlier. On the other were the Persians who had been there long before the Romans. Hundreds of years earlier (586 BC) Jerusalem had fallen…

  • Prophesying in the name of the Lord

    Prophesying in the name of the Lord

    25 “I have heard what the prophets say who prophesy lies in my name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!’ 26 How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds? 27 They think the dreams they tell one another will make my people forget my name, just as their…

  • Cursing while praying

    Cursing while praying

    The Imprecatory Psalms Psalm 12 What is wrong?  Liars on every side, no faithful men to be found, people using powerful and clever words to achieve their own ends.  Sounds like a normal day in the business world. What is the curse? May the LORD cut off all flattering lips and every boastful tongue. V.3…

  • The Book of Isaiah

    The Book of Isaiah

    When I was first born again (on the back of a bus travelling from Mullingar to Galway, Ireland – May 7th, 1980) one of the things that helped establish my faith at the time was the amazing prophecies and writings of the Book of Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah has 66 chapters and these are…